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Prelio Takes a Spot on The Sales Engineering Map

New York, NY, May 1, 2021 -- Prelio, a company that empowers and elevates presales professionals with a presales management and productivity platform, is thrilled to announce that they were included on the Sales Engineer Map. The map gives sales organizations an unbiased view of the best available software applications for Sales Engineers, categorizing solutions by use case on a visual map also referred to as The Secret Kingdom of Sales Engineering.

An Exciting Product Roadmap to Transform Presales

The inclusion of Prelio on the Sales Engineering Map demonstrates that the product offers new and innovative ways of turning presales professionals into strategic business partners. It accomplishes this by accelerating product innovation through streamlined and collaborative technical sales processes.

After the official launch of Prelio in September 2020, the company gained traction from dozens of presales practitioners in the SaaS and technology sector while further developing the product with market feedback. The company’s next major product release is expected later this spring and promises game-changing features, such as out-of-the-box calendar integrations and advanced analytics.

About Prelio

Prelio is a Presales Management and Productivity System designed specifically for SEs and their teams to be organized, understand their impact, and identify critical needs of their product. Presales practitioners use Prelio to be more efficient and Managers use Prelio to understand what their team is working on and the challenges they face.

Prelio is a new category of cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) solution accessed through a web browser, critical for technology companies to succeed. Customers can use Prelio for free, but to collaborate with teammates and gain insight for managers they need to purchase a subscription to the software. Follow Prelio on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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