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A Presales Management Framework for Salesforce

Why Prelio?

Prelio is a Presales Management Framework for Presales teams to manage and prioritize their workload, quantify their value, and seamlessly communicate market needs to the product team. The Prelio Framework is built on Salesforce and has no annual subscription costs. 

Frontline Team

Presales are the frontline of a software company, yet they are generally the worst-armed team. Sales teams have Salesforce, Product has Jira, and while presales is left with spreadsheets and email.

Elevate Impact

Presales resources are in demand, but often their contribution is only tied to revenue. Prelio will show you where your team is spending their time and the impact they have across the organization.

Voice of the Prospect

As the frontline of the organization, Sales and Presales are acutely aware of what is going on in the market and what prospective customers want most. Prelio makes it seamless to show product gaps and its value.

Built by Technical Sellers for Technical Sellers



Track your technical pipeline to move your deals through your technical sales process. Track your deals to a technical win!


A single tool to manage the presales process with stages and workflow designed for technical sales professionals


A better way to know what needs to happen next, who is involved and when a technical sales deliverable is due. Think: RFPs, Demos, ISQs, POCs, custom work, etc. 


Identify the gaps in your product and measure their revenue impact. Capture the voice of your prospect and find the missing pieces to eliminate deal friction.


How It Works

Prelio is a native Salesforce framework, which is installed and configured in Salesforce by our Implementation Partner, Agile Cloud Consulting.

Tag Calendar Events

Prelio connects with your Calendar to seamlessly pull in data about how you and your team spend time. These can be tagged to Opps and Deliverables in Salesforce.

Manage Priorities and Align Teams

With all your presales data in Salesforce you will be able to better understand teammates' activities, the Opps they are associated with, and drive towards Techincal Wins

Data Insights

Uncover what really influences Opportunities, high-performers, demo-to-win ratios, Presales impact, and so much more with Reports and Dashboards

Go to the next level with a solution tailored to your Presales process and business goals. 

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