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Professional Swiss Army Knife

Updated: May 17, 2021

Presales teams sit in a unique position at technology companies. They are on the front lines of the sales process learning about client needs, delivering product demonstrations, handling technical objections, and experiencing prospects’ responses to the company's product. They have the technical ability of your build and success teams and the inter-personal skills of a salesperson. They are able to read between the lines, think creatively, are detail-oriented, can solve problems, and tell stories in a way no one else can.

Because of their skillset and access to the field, your Presales team knows, better than anyone what the market wants, where the gaps are in your product, and how competitors are positioning themselves. They hear the Voice of the Prospects on a daily basis and understand the nuances and context far better than your average salesperson.

To win more business you need to elevate your Presales team to a position where their feedback to the Product Development team is highly valued and acted upon quickly. Your Sales team should be reacting to the insights gleaned from the Presales process to position your product for the win. Management should be listening to what Presales is experiencing, so they can better navigate the highly competitive SaaS Software market.

If all your Presales team does today is Discovery, Demonstration, and Delivery then you are not taking advantage of your most strategic asset: The technical people, who hear everything from the field and want to win more business with the best product possible.

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